(CNN) —From the outside, it looks like a dream life. Rugged mountains, sweeping canyons, the road ahead — all framed through the open back doors of an achingly hip camper van, replete with artfully arranged fairy lights, cozy blankets, and, at the center, a super attractive millennial couple.

This is #vanlife, an Instagram aesthetic that, according to those who subscribe to it, is apparently more of a movement. There are more than five million posts tagged with the hashtag and counting, with popular Van Lifers racking up thousands of followers with their dreamy dispatches from the road.

But what’s it really like to travel across country in a very cool — but still, by its very nature, very tiny and restrictive — vehicle?

And what’s it like when not just your lifestyle, but your relationship, becomes commodified?

The answer? More complicated than you might think.

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