Hybrid Builds

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Set up a consultation for your Hybrid build

All Hybrid builds start with an hour consultation. Click here to fill out our Hybrid Build interest form. We’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk.

The best of both worlds

Between a full build and DIY, the Hybrid offers flexibility 

Not quite a Full Build but also not DIY, the hybrid is a synthesis. Maybe you’ll do some yourself, but want pros for the high stakes elements. Or your vision incorporates kits or custom elements. We’ll help you plan and execute an organized build. 

Hybrid builds combine the best of both worlds allowing for flexibility and options with professional support. 

Every Hybrid Build is unique. We might install the majority of your build at one time, or receive the van multiple times for the next “installment” – for example, we’ll put in some windows and a vent fan, return the van while you plot your next moves, then receive the van again to do electrical work, etc. 


Common Hybrid Installations

  • Windows and vent fans
  • Electrical and solar systems
  • Cabin and hot water heaters
  • Flares
  • Bed and wall kits from reputable dealers like Flarespace, RB Components, or Adventure Wagon

Make a plan, execute your vision

Every Hybrid build starts with a paid consultation that credits towards your build

We start off our relationships with an hour consult with Jimmy to discuss your ideas, go over design, and make a clear action plan. This initial consult is $150 and runs an hour. It credits toward any future work you do with us. 

Jimmy succeeds at making these very worth your time. You’ll gain valuable insights and clarity that will save you time and money down the line, even if you choose to work with a different van builder. 

Fill out our interest form to book a consult and start your Hybrid Build. 

Our Trusted Partners

Solar and electrical systems

Vent fans and windows

Flares and kits

Parts recommendations and sourcing

Kits from Flarespace, RB Components, Adventure Wagon

Wool-insulated custom wall panels

On-going project consultation

Build your dream van

How do you decide what’s right for you?

Our three biggest tips as you’re building about your van:

  • Do your research
  • Know what you want
  • Know your budget

This sets you up for success. You’ll know what features you need and which ones you don’t. You’ll end up with a van that works for you and your lifestyle – not anyone else’s. Because that’s what vanlife is all about – freedom to be yourself, travel on your own terms, and enjoy the natural world without the typical hassles of camping or limitations of RVs.

Our specific tips for Hybrid builders: 

Many folks go the Hybrid route because they want something less elaborate than a full build, but Hybrid builds can often be even more complex. That’s because they are one-of-a-kind and usually incorporate elements from different vendors or builders. 

With a full build, our shop to does all the work, start to finish. We are in control of all the elements and tracking how every piece fits together. 

Hybrid builds often require a certain amount of juggling – for example, we’ll do your electrical system and plumbing first, then you’ll take your van back so your uncle or buddy can build your cabinets. It’s easy for the build to get confusing, with many cooks in the kitchen and lots of great ideas flying around. 

What makes Hybrid builds fun, effective, and easy is making a clear plan ahead of time and then sticking to it. Take the time to ensure all your ideas are compatible and will fit into one van. Explore all the possibilities BEFORE we (or your uncle) start building. It’s always easier and cheaper to make changes during the planning phase of a build.

This is why we start every Hybrid build with a consultation – to save your time and money an ensure the process is fun and stress-free.