Want the vanlife?

You can have it! Our eight infosheets make designing your van conversion easy

Become an Informed Van Owner

Van design starts with knowing what you want.

In order to create a van that fulfills your needs, you must first know what your needs are. Whether you want to customize the Levity Local or the Levity Lifestyle, or need help DIYing your van, knowing what you want in each of these eight categories will help achieve the best outcome.

People of all ages are hitting the road. Our friends and customers convert vans to:

  • 🔮 Fulfill bucket list dream adventures
  • 🛣 Live simply and freely
  • 🏔 Haul gear and friends to the mountain
  • 🛌 Feel safe and comfortable going anywhere
  • 🏜 Visit remote destinations
  • 🥑 Prep healthy meals on the road
  • 🌿 Connect deeply with the natural world

Why do YOU want to convert a van? 

Your answer is more than just a great conversation starter. The reasons you want a van form the foundation for your design. Everything from your layout to your power system should be built to fulfill your personal “why.”

How Will You Use Your Van?

It determines the features you’ll need

Think about your answers to these questions as you read through the infosheets.

How often will you use your van?

The more time you spend in your van, the more comforts you may want.

What types of things will you do in your van?

Sleep, eat, work, party, bike, climb, ski, family road trip, play music, or…?

How many people will travel with you?

Solo travelers and families have different needs.

Where will you go?

Climate and altitude influence the features you’ll need to be comfortable. 

What is your budget?

This helps you decide which features are worth it and which ones you can pass on.

Our 8 Infosheets

Tap on the pictures below in any order to get informed about each topic

Cooking & Eating

Stoves, kitchens, sinks, and water storage 

Storing Your Stuff

Cabinets, closets, gear racks, and more

Power & Electricity

Solar systems, battery storage, and more 

When Nature Calls

Toilets, showers, hot water, and more

Climate Comfort

Vent fans, windows, heaters, and more 

Your Van

Sprinter vs ProMaster, long vs short wheelbase


Premium sound, rooftop decks, TV’s, and more


Loft beds, pull out sofas, cots for kids, and more

Our 8 Infosheets and Checklists

Informed van builders know what features they want and need for each of these 8 basic categories:

Our Pricing

The Levity Local

Sleek and functional while still warm and beautiful, the Local has the essentials you need without the extras you don’t. It’s perfect for: 

  • Minimalists
  • The adventure-minded who use their van for outdoor recreation 
  • Those who want a sleepable travel van on a tighter budget 

Removable bed system / Solar electric / Full insulation and ventilation / Waterproof floor / L-track to secure gear / + Add features like kitchen galley, outdoor shower, cabin heat, & more

$45K average price


+ or – features to fit your lifestyle and budget

The Levity Lifestyle

This home-on-wheels makes spontaneous adventuring a breeze. Just pack up your stuff and leave your life behind – while taking all the comforts of home with you. 

  • Part-time adventurers who value comfort and ease
  • Glampers and festival-goers who want to upgrade from a tent to a tiny home
  • Full-time travelers whose van is their dream home

Queen bed / Full kitchen / Indoor dining / Outdoor shower / Composting toilet / Cabinets / Solar power / Robust electrical system to power appliances / + Add features like hot water, indoor bathroom, rooftop deck, & more

$95K average price


+ or – features to fit your lifestyle and budget

The DIYer

You’re kicking a** and building your dream van – but need just a little help with the features beyond your skillset. Or you’re stuck trying to figure out how it will all fit together, and it’s been a few months (or years) – and you need help.

We install one-off features for DIYers and offer hourly consultation to take your project from stress to success.

Windows / Vent fans/ Electrical work / Solar / Cabin & water heaters / Flares / Seats / Swivels / Project consultation & more

Priced per project


The Levity Legend

Bring your unique vision to life with our fully custom option, the Legend. The sky is the limit. We partner with you from start to finish as we design and execute your masterpiece. Best suited for:

  • Vanlife connoisseurs who want the ultimate adventure vehicle
  • Business van uses like mobile offices or kitchens
  • Those with unique recreation needs

Fully custom / Your unique design / Get exactly what you want / Create a legend / Our most extensive and expensive option 

Time & Materials 

Due to the extensive nature of custom work, this is our most extensive and expensive option.

If budget is a top concern, we advise selecting the Local or the Lifestyle.

How do you decide what’s right for you?

Our three biggest tips as you’re dreaming about your van:

  • Do your research
  • Know what you want
  • Know your budget

This sets you up for success because you’ll know what features you need and which ones you don’t. You’ll end up with a van that works for you and your lifestyle – not anyone else’s. Because that’s what vanlife is all about – freedom to be yourself, travel on your own terms, and enjoy the natural world without the typical hassles of camping or limitations of RVs.

We’ll build a van that works for you.

Learn more about our van models here. 

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