There are two types of climate control essential for #vanlife: staying warm and staying cool.

What are the options for heating and cooling so you stay comfortable in your van? Read this info sheet to find out. Then complete our Climate Checklist

A Hidden Necessity: Insulation & Flooring

When you’re sleeping in a metal box, the temperature inside the van will amplify the temperature outside the van. If it’s hot out, for example, it will be even hotter in the van.

Think of your uninsulated van like a cold-blooded animal.  If you’re at the Grand Canyon in December, your van will feel like an icebox (true story!). At noon in the desert, you’ll bake.

The solution? Insulation.

Insulation and flooring come standard with all our van conversions because you need them for basic comfort. We cover the insulation with upholstered side panels—you pick the color. Both our flagship models come with wool insulation – it has superior anti-microbial properties along with a high r-value, plus it’s better for the environment. We also sell bags of wool for DIYers in our DIY Shop

For flooring, we use 3/4″ marine grade plywood finished with a vinyl floor covering – either the industrial-looking coin mat or the more trendy faux wood look, which comes in many colors and styles. 

Insulation and Interior Panels

Turn your van into a liveable, usable adventure vehicle by providing your van with climate control. 

Insulation keeps your van cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold

Upholstered panels keep insulation protected (plus they make your van look pretty)


Vinyl flooring comes standard. We offer wood and cork floor upgrades.

Deaden sound so your van feels more like a room than a metal box

A basic floor protects your feet and your van from damage

Cooling Features: Sleep Comfortably in the Heat

Full sun is great for your solar panels but can quickly interrupt your afternoon nap without the right cooling features. And sleeping in a hot, stuffy van at night? 😰 Forget it!

The necessity of vent fans + windows

Vent fans circulate air through your vehicle by either blowing cool, outside air into your van or sucking warm air out of your van. Most Levity Vans utilize one vent fan installed in the roof of the van. The fan is controlled wirelessly by a remote that also has a built in thermostat.

With a window open at night, your vent fan gently pulls air through your open window into the cabin, keeping you cool and comfortable. If your van doesn’t come with a vented window, we’ll install one for you. All our windows come with screens because no one wants bugs in their van.

How do you know if you need extra windows? If you intend to sleep in your van, you’ll want at least one vented window in the cargo area of your van, ideally near the head of your bed. This provides the airflow you need at night to sleep comfortably.

Check out window placement in our schematics for the Levity Local and the Levity Legend.

Our DIY Shop also installs windows for those converting their own vans.

Van Fants

If you’re planning on sleeping or camping in your van, a vent fan is an essential component. We install Maxxair fans. 

The vent fan pulls fresh air through your cabin

Pull fresh, cool air in or blow hot, stale air out

Vented Windows

We recommend at least one vented window near where you’ll be sleeping for airflow. 

Windows come in many sizes and shapes

We'll install the right sized windows for your needs.

Air Conditioning: Comfort—but with Limitations

Adding air conditioning to a van offers you ice-cold air inside your van. However, there are major limitations: for most units, you must be plugged into shore power (for example, at a campground or a friend’s house) for your AC to run. For this reason, we don’t offer AC in our standard packages.

Do you plan on spending lots of time in humid, hot areas and want AC while out in the wilderness? We can install an upgraded power system, including an extra alternator, to power your AC anywhere. Please ask us about it if you’re interested. 

“Who let the bugs in?” 🐜🐞

We love being outside in nature! But there’s little worse than throwing open your sliding door to watch a beautiful sunset—and being swarmed by mosquitoes.

We offer many styles of screens to protect you from bugs: screens that use magnets, velcro, or snaps to attach to the frame of the van. Personally, we view these as essential for warm-weather living. They dramatically increase our happiness on the road.

Air Conditioning

You can stay extra cool in any weather with installed AC, but you’ll need to make accommodations that may or may not be worth the effort. 

Basic AC's downside: you must be plugged into power

AC in the wilderness is possible at an additional expense

Screens & Nets

Throw that sliding door open and admire the view—WITHOUT the bugs. 

Screens magnet, clip, or velcro to your van

Screen the back doors and side slider

Heating Features: Stay Warm Anywhere

Fully exploring the wilderness means you don’t always know where you’ll end up. High mountain or desert air gets COLD at night. You can be prepared for anything with the right heater.

Run a heater off your fuel tank – gas or diesel

We install special heaters that run directly off the gas in your tank when your van is on or off. They are whisper quiet both inside and outside the van and regulated by a thermostat mounted inside your van.

These heaters are efficient and don’t take much fuel. They also come with a regulation switch and automatic shutoff if your fuel levels happen to get low, so you can leave the heater on without worry of running out of gas.

Cabin and water heating – oh my!

The newest heater craze – the Rixens System – combines a cabin heater with an on-demand hot water heater, providing you with all kinds of warmth on those chilly mornings.

Heating safety 

Whenever you’re heating an enclosed space, it’s important to monitor for carbon monoxide. That’s why we include smoke and CO detectors with all of our heater installs.

Heaters come standard in the Levity Legend and can be added to the Levity Local.

Diesel/Gas Heaters

Will your wanderlust take you to altitude? Do you have a family to keep warm? Adding a heater will keep you comfortable.

Gas/diesel heaters run on the fuel in your gas tank

They are quiet and efficient, and won't drain your tank

Levity Vans prefers:  

Our Pricing

The Levity Local

Sleek and functional while still warm and beautiful, the Local has the essentials you need without the extras you don’t. It’s perfect for: 

  • Minimalists
  • The adventure-minded who use their van for outdoor recreation 
  • Those who want a sleepable travel van on a tighter budget 

Removable bed system / Solar electric / Full insulation and ventilation / Waterproof floor / L-track to secure gear / + Add features like kitchen galley, outdoor shower, cabin heat, & more

$45K base price


+ or – features to fit your lifestyle and budget

The Levity Legend

This home-on-wheels makes spontaneous adventuring a breeze. Just pack up your stuff and leave your life behind – while taking all the comforts of home with you.

  • Part-time adventurers who value comfort and ease
  • Glampers and festival-goers who want to upgrade from a tent to a tiny home
  • Full-time travelers whose van is their dream home

Queen bed / Full kitchen / Indoor dining / Outdoor shower / Composting toilet / Cabinets / Solar power / Robust electrical system to power appliances / + Add features like hot water, indoor bathroom, rooftop deck, & more

$95K base price


+ or – features to fit your lifestyle and budget

The Levity Landscape

Bring your unique vision to life with a one-of-a-kind Levity Landscape. We partner with you from start to finish as we synthesize the elements you want into a van that will work. Best suited for:

  • Those who want to do some of the build themselves, but aren’t true DIYers
  • Adventurers who want to incorporate kits
  • Budget-minded van converters who want to do their build in stages

Often custom / Can be done in installments / Incorporate kits / Unique designs / Do some yourself, outsource the rest to the pros 

$20K to $80K+

Due to all the moving parts, every Levity Landscape starts with a paid consult.

The DIYer

You’re kicking a** and building your dream van – but need just a little help with the features beyond your skillset. Or you’re stuck trying to figure out how it will all fit together, and it’s been a few months (or years) – and you need help.

We install one-off features for DIYers and offer hourly consultation to take your project from stress to success.

Windows / Vent fans/ Electrical work / Solar / Cabin & water heaters / Flares / Seats / Swivels / Project consultation & more

Priced per project


How do you decide what’s right for you?

Our three biggest tips as you’re dreaming about your van:

  • Do your research
  • Know what you want
  • Know your budget

This sets you up for success because you’ll know what features you need and which ones you don’t. You’ll end up with a van that works for you and your lifestyle – not anyone else’s. Because that’s what vanlife is all about – freedom to be yourself, travel on your own terms, and enjoy the natural world without the typical hassles of camping or limitations of RVs.

We’ll build a van that works for you.

Learn more about our van models here. 

Visit the DIY Shop here. 

Climate Checklist

🔥Do you need a heater on board?

  • Diesel heater
  • Gas heater
  • No heater

💨Do you want a vent fan?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you need extra windows?

  • Yes, vented windows
  • Yes, fixed windows
  • No extra windows

❄️Do you want AC?

  • Yes
  • No

🐝Do you want screens to keep bugs out?

  • For the sliding side door
  • For the back doors
  • No screens

❓What other climate features are you considering?

  • We want to hear about them!

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