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DIY Shop Services List

How our DIY Shop Works

Our goal at the shop is to make your DIY project more fun and cost-effective.

What we do:

  • Piecemeal installations of van conversion components and features
  • Hourly project consultation to offer expert advice and help you get your van done
  • Parts sourcing, ordering, and sales

What we don’t do: 

  • Repair or overhaul poorly done conversions
  • Finish half-started conversions
  • Install your already purchased parts (on a case by case basis, we may install previously purchased parts with an added “corkage” fee)

How can we help you? Choose from our services list below. Prices include parts and labor. Most installations are also subject to tax.


Vent fan installation

Climate control for comfortable living and sleeping.

  • We install Maxxair Deluxe fans
  • Choose white or smoke color
  • Includes wiring to the location of your choice

Note: you must have an auxiliary battery system to power the fan

Maxxair fan installation: $1,200

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Window installation

Add windows for visibility and airflow. We install CR Laurence windows.

  • Fixed or vented windows
  • Side or rear windows
  • Bunk windows and half-sliders

See our window options here

Window installation: cost of window + $600 per window

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Flarespace Flares

Flares increase the width of your van, allowing you to sleep sideways. 

  • Choose with or without vented windows
  • We professional paint flares to color match your van
  • Flares come as a set with both driver’s and passenger’s side included

Learn your options here

Flare installation, per set: $1300 – $2500, depending upon flare and vehicle type

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Espar cabin heaters

Keep your van toasty warm in any weather.

  • These heaters run on fuel from your vehicle’s tank
  • Come in gas and diesel models

Gas, Sprinter or ProMaster: $3,650

Gas, Transit: $4,175 

Diesel, Sprinter or ProMaster: $3,020

Diesel, Transit: $3,570

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Rixens Hot Water and Cabin Heater

Rixens does double duty and ties into your fuel lines, so you never need to worry about running out of hot water.

  • Diesel or gas-powered
  • Hot water on demand
  • Dual cabin and water heater

Rixens System: $9,490

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Electrical systems

An auxiliary power system transforms your van. Run lights, household appliances, fans, and gadgets.

  • Lithium-ion battery bank – you choose how large (we can help you decide)
  • Wiring run based on your design
  • An inverter makes standard AC household plugs possible

Average price: $9,500

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Solar system

Solar power makes true off-grid adventuring possible.

  • 335W LG solar panel
  • Hook into your existing electrical system or pre-wire for a future system

Average price: $5,250

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Foldaway, bench, and convertible seats
  • Foldaway seats are there when you need them, and tucked away when you don’t.
  • Convertible benches do double duty when they fold down into a bed.

Bellagio foldaway seats: $3,500

Travois convertible bench seats and floor system: $8,500 to $10,500, depending on the seat type chosen

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Captains seat swivels

Swivel seats give you options when it comes to lounging and dining.

  • We install Travois seat swivels, which surpass Scopemas
  • Prices vary depending on van type

Average price: $625 per seat

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Insulated wall panels

We custom-build wall panels specific to your van.

  • Fabric-covered wall panels with soft-touch foam padding
  • Hundreds of fabric colors and styles to choose from 
  • Wool insulation – great R-value plus better for the environment
  • Sound-deadening layer protects against noise and vibration 

Average cost: $8,500

Prices vary based on van size, number of windows, and other options.

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Vinyl plank floor with insulated subfloor.

  • Hundreds of flooring designs, from wood grain to modern
  • Foam bottom contoured to floor ribs
  • 1/2″ 9-ply structural plywood

Vinyl plank flooring install with insulated subfloor: $3,100

Let us know you’re interested in flooring by filling out a DIYer’s Request form

Removable three-panel platform bed

This versatile bed system lets you have a bed when you want it.

  • In-house crafted from 1″ square aluminum tubing for rust resistance
  • Topped with fabric covered 1/2″ ply
  • Easily remove the 3 panels with just a few nuts and your van is open and available to haul large items or host a dance party
  • Bed frame secures to angle aluminum on both sides

Three-panel bed system: $4,250

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Consulting and support

Get expert help and advice.

  • Pre-build van recommendations
  • General Q & A – get all your questions answered by experts
  • Project planning – what order to install features, schematics, etc. 
  • Parts sourcing and recommendations 
  • Design elements
  • Troubleshooting your installations or stalled conversion
  • Project completion – make a plan to get across the finish line

Project consultation: $150 per hour

Let us know you’re interested in consulting by filling out a DIYer’s Request form

Product sales - shop local!

Doing the installation yourself? Capitalize on our wholesale relationships with vendors and support a local business by buying parts through us.

We sell, for you to install at home:

  • Havelock wool bags
  • Maxxair vent fan installation kits
  • CR Laurence windows
  • Electrical system components
  • And more

Stay tuned for our upcoming DIY electrical installation kit, which includes all parts plus a wiring schematic.

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What we don't do

We love to help – but we don’t do the following: 

  • Diagnose or fix faulty conversions – we recommend extreme caution when purchasing a pre-converted van!
  • Finish your half-done conversion – we’re happy to consult so you can finish it yourself
  • Do extensive work on vans other than Sprinters, ProMasters, or Transit vans 
  • Install AGM, deep-cycle, or lead-acid batteries – we only work with Lithium for longevity reasons 
  • Install or repair propane systems – we instead offer induction cooktops and heaters powered by your fuel tank
  • Install your pre-purchased parts except at our discretion with a “corkage” fee


Help with what’s beyond your skillset

You do the fun stuff, we’ll do the scary stuff

DIYing a van is fun and exhilarating. Many of our DIY customers enjoy the building process but don’t feel comfortable with certain aspects of van conversions, like:

  • Cutting holes in the van for windows or vent fans
  • Doing electrical work or installing the electrical system
  • Tapping into the fuel lines or other engine components, to install a diesel cabin heater for example

Expert knowledge and proper installation are must-haves for the health of your van and your own safety. Cut that window hole a little too big and you’re looking at an enormous welding bill and a van that’s never the same again. And we don’t even want to get into the unsafe electrical systems we’ve seen – some of which have caught on fire. 

Our DIY shop helps with the scary stuff so you can focus on the fun stuff. 

Vent Fans

We install Maxxair Deluxe


We install CR Laurence


We are Flarespace installers


Systems of all sizes


Panels and systems


Foldaway and bench


For captains chairs

Wall Panels

With wool insulation


Vinyl, coin mat

Platform Beds

Tri-fold, removable

How do you decide what’s right for you?

Our three biggest tips as you’re building about your van:

  • Do your research
  • Know what you want
  • Know your budget

This sets you up for success. You’ll know what features you need and which ones you don’t. You’ll end up with a van that works for you and your lifestyle – not anyone else’s. Because that’s what vanlife is all about – freedom to be yourself, travel on your own terms, and enjoy the natural world without the typical hassles of camping or limitations of RVs.

Our specific tips for DIYers 

Some of our customers decide to DIY their van for the love of building. Some want to increase their skills. Others do it for financial reasons. Our DIY shop is designed to help those converting their own vans with the features beyond their skillsets.

The holy trinity of any construction job is: fast – cheap – high quality. You can have two out of three, but never all three at once. A conversion shop like ours provides quality services at a fast pace—but it will cost you money. If you have a reasonable skill level and access to YouTube, you can DIY your dream conversion and save money—but it will cost you time. Fast and cheap naturally signifies a drop in quality.

Many DIY customers come to us after they’ve been working on their vans for years and realize they need help. Others devote six months to the project and complete it with great success.

The key: get real with yourself in terms of your priorities. Decide what’s worth outsourcing to professionals and what you can do on your own. Whenever you’re looking to save costs, prepare to either spend a substantial amount of time on your build or sacrifice quality. If you’re stuck in the rut of endless tinkering and perfectionism, it might be time to speed up and either spend some extra money and lower your standards just a little. We never suggest cutting corners when it comes to such a major investment—but there’s also wisdom to the saying “done is better than perfect.”