Want the vanlife?

You can have it! Our eight infosheets make designing your van conversion easy

Become an Informed Van Owner

Van design starts with knowing what you want.

In order to create a design and a van that fulfills your needs (and your dreams), you must first know your needs and dreams are. Our eight handy infosheets make becoming an informed van owner. Whether you want a full Levity Van conversion or need help DIYing your own van, you need to know what you want in each of these eight categories to achieve the best outcome.

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People of all ages are hitting the road. Our friends and customers convert vans to:

  • 🔮Fulfill bucket list dream adventures
  • 🛣Live simply and freely
  • 🏔Haul gear and friends to the mountain
  • 🛌Feel safe and comfortable going anywhere
  • 🏜Visit remote destinations
  • 🥑Prep healthy meals on the road
  • 🌿Connect deeply with the natural world

Why do YOU want to convert a van? 

Your answer is more than just a great conversation starter. The reasons you want a van form the foundation for your design. Everything from your layout to your power system should be built to fulfill your personal “why.”

How Will You Use Your Van?

Answering these questions gets you one step closer to adventure!

How you’ll use your van determines the features you’ll need. Think about your answers to these questions as you read through the infosheets.

How will you use your van?

This helps us determine what features you need.

How often will you use your van?

The more time you spend in your van, the more comforts you may want.

How many people will travel with you?

Solo travelers and families have different needs.

Where will you go?

Climate and altitude influence the features you’ll need to be comfortable. 

What is your budget?

Converting a van is like buying a home: you want to get the most your money can afford. Knowing your budget helps you decide which features are worth it and which ones you can pass on.

Our 8 Infosheets

Tap on the pictures below in any order to get informed about each topic

Cooking & Eating

Stoves, kitchens, sinks, and water storage 

Eating info sheet & checklist

Storing Your Stuff

Cabinets, closets, gear racks, and more

Storage info sheet & checklist

Power & Electricity

Solar systems, battery storage, and more 

Power info sheet & checklist

When Nature Calls

Toilets, showers, hot water, and more

Bathroom info sheet & checklist

Climate Comfort

Vent fans, windows, heaters, and more 

Climate info sheet & checklist

Your Van

Sprinter vs ProMaster, long vs short wheelbase

Cargo van info sheet & checklist


Premium sound, rooftop decks, TV’s, and more

Relaxation info sheet & checklist


Loft beds, pull out sofas, cots for kids, and more

Sleeping info sheet & checklist

Manual Links to our 8 Infosheets and Checklists

Informed van builders know what features they want and need for each of these 8 basic categories:

How Much Will This Cost?

Van conversions are like home sales: you want the best your money can afford. Price is an essential component of your design.

With so many options to choose from when it comes to each of the 8 basic categories of van life, it takes time to zero in on an accurate price quote.

We help give you a ballpark idea about the cost of your conversion through our feature type.

Essential features: what you need to be comfortabe

Basic features: elevate your van from useable to enjoyable

Fully-equipped features: what you see on Instagram

Luxury features: top of the line adventure travel

How do you decide what’s right for you?

Our three biggest tips as you’re dreaming and designing:

  • do your research,
  • know what you want, and
  • know your budget.

Then you’re ready to go!  ⛰🚐✨

Van conversions are like home sales: you want the best your money can afford. (How is a van sale different than a home sale? With your van, you can always change your location! 😉)

Similar to buying a home, it helps to know your price range. Levity Van conversions range from $35K for basic essentials to $150K for luxury models, excluding the van. We’ll help you get as many features as you can for a price you can afford.  

Choose your features

Your price depends on the features, components, and systems you need. 

  • Stick with these basics if you want to keep your conversion costs low.
  • If your budget allows, we can suggest modest upgrades to increase your comfort and enjoyment.
  • If you want the total vanlife experience, you’ll need a bigger budget. Just remember you’re investing in a tiny home: it’s worth it!
  • Are you a go big or go home person? Turn your van into a truly unique pleasure, sport, or full-time vanlife vehicle. We’ll help.

Once you know your options and are 75%+ certain about what you want in your van, fill out our Conversion Worksheet. We’ll set up a time to talk on the phone about design ideas and price estimates. Here’s an overview of how the process works. We look forward to hearing about your project!

Not yet sure what you want? Tell us about your project ideas and we’ll send you relevent suggestions and resources. 

Meet Our Team

My love of building and mechanics began decades ago with brake jobs at age 10. I wired my first house at 13 with my dad, then became the high schooler who upgraded everyone’s stereo systems. Levity Vans was born 4 years ago when I saw my uncle’s empty Transit van and thought: “I could do so many customizations to make that truly unique!” I’m happy to help people’s travel dreams come true.

Jimmy Grey

Our first two-week road trip in a converted ProMaster got me hooked on vanlife travel with kids. The freedom, sense of opportunity, and comfort of being able to go anywhere, anytime inspire me to support Jimmy’s vision of Levity Vans. Follow us on Instagram to see my handiwork and to share your travel photos. One step closer to adventure!

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