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We convert ProMaster, Sprinter, and Transit vans into adventure vehicles. Whether you dream of a custom-made #vanlife mobile or are DIYing your van and need a few components to be travel-worthy, we can help. Our full-service shop delivers everything from basics like solar power and windows, to full conversions including kitchens, rooftop decks, & more. Stop by the shop to see our latest projects!

1010 17th Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

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What We Offer

Complete Van Conversions

Want to turn your van into an adventure vehicle, ready for weekends in the wilderness or extensive travel? We are a full-service shop and offer complete conversions in our shop in Santa Cruz. 

Component Installs

Are you DIYing your conversion but need help with the parts beyond your skill set? Do you want to add specific components to your van: extra windows, vent fans, or solar power, for example?

Start Designing Your Van

Before you start diving into designing your dream van, you need to decide which features you want to include first.

We make it easy to discover what you want (and what you don’t) with our 8 infosheets. 

Each infosheet covers a basic aspect of vanlife (cooking, climate, or “when nature calls,” for example) and the important features for each. Read them, and don’t forget checklists at the bottom. You’ll need to know what features you want in each of these 8 categories before we start building. 

Once you’re 75%+ certain about the features you need and want in your van, complete our Van Conversion Worksheet to request an estimate from us.

After we receive your request, we’ll set up a phone call to talk about your build, ask questions, and brainstorm design ideas, then deliver an estimate for your specific project. 

Are you a DIYer who wants help with a few features? Head over to our DIYer’s Worksheet to tell us what you need.

From exploring the deep wilderness to sleeping in the middle of a bustling city, Levity Van owners feel safe and comfortable seizing the moment because the comforts of home travel with them. Levity Vans are ideal for couples, families, and solo adventurers.

Van Conversion Services

We specialize in Sprinter, ProMaster, and Transit van conversions. We provide high-quality components for van builds of every size.

Help for DIYers

Insulation, vent fans, extra windows, electrical & more

Solar Power & Electrical

Panels, batteries, wiring schematics, custom lighting & stereos

Tiny Home Capabilities

Gourmet kitchens, indoor/outdoor showers, bathrooms & more

Days to Explore in a Year



Our Pricing

Complete Conversions

The industry standard for basic van conversions starts at $30K, excluding the van. We’ll customize your complete van build, from the basics at $30K to a fully equipped adventure at $150K.

Ready-to-go adventure vans / Customized for you / Off-road / Family travel & more

$30K & up.

Starts from

Feature Installs

We’ll help you pick and install the most important features for your needs. A great option for DIYers or adventurers on a tight budget. 

Batteries / Solar Power / Floors & Panels / Wiring / Propane / Vent fans & more

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Our Trusted Partners

Meet Our Team

Jimmy Grey

Owner & Builder

My love of building and mechanics began decades ago with brake jobs at age 10. I wired my first house at 13 with my dad, then became the high schooler who upgraded everyone’s stereo systems. Levity Vans was born 4 years ago when I saw my uncle’s empty Transit van and thought: “I could do so many customizations to make that truly unique!” I’m happy to help people’s travel dreams come true.

Bez Stone

Marketing & Design

Our first two-week road trip in a converted ProMaster got me hooked on vanlife travel with kids. The freedom, sense of opportunity, and comfort of being able to go anywhere, anytime inspire me to support Jimmy’s vision of Levity Vans. Follow us on Instagram to see my handiwork and to share your travel photos. One step closer to adventure!

Full-Service Van Conversions

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