We convert cargo vans into adventure vehicles 


Sprinter | Transit | ProMaster 

Full conversions & help for DIYers

Hi-Tech Conversion Shop

Convert your Sprinter, ProMaster, or Transit van into one of our flagship models for wilderness weekends, easy escapes, or full-time travel.

  • Pack comfort and safety on your next adventure with a robust and gorgeous Levity Legend 
  • Stay lean and minimal with a Levity Local
  • Looking for something unique or want to do some of the build yourself? Create your own Levity Landscape

Your One-Stop DIY Shop

DIYing your van? Our shop can help. We’ll do the scary stuff, you do the fun stuff!

  • One-off installs: windows, vents, heaters, electrical & more
  • Hourly project consulting: design, order of operations, parts recs
  • Shop local! We sell: wool, batteries, vent fans, windows, Flarespace flares, kits from reputable vendors like Adventure Wagon and RB Components & more

    Located in Santa Cruz, CA.

    We serve the Bay Area & beyond

    What’s your next adventure?

    Our customers are families, outdoor enthusiasts, full-time travelers, and weekend warriors of all ages who value high-tech comfort, craftsmanship, and high quality. 

    We do the scary stuff, you do the fun stuff

    DIYing a van is fun and exhilarating. And for high stakes elements like windows, heaters, or electrical work, you want the experts. Our One Stop DIY Shop does component installs safely and affordably.

    Beauty and functionality

    While some van shops favor the industrial look, we value craftsmanship and the human touches that turn a van into a cozy home. We strive to achieve the perfect blend of beauty, tech, and function, and want our vans to be cutting edge masterpieces that look and feel good to be in.

    Windows, vent fans, power steps, flares

    Let the pros install the higher stakes auto body elements of your build like windows, vent fans, power steps, and awnings. We are certified installers of Flarespace flares.

    Expert electrical and solar power system

    We only use lithium batteries – the most sustainable option for power storage. With lithium, don’t worry about over-charging or over-draining. They have no “memory,” so charge them freely. A failsafe on the battery keeps them from draining to zero. So use them until they run out! They’ll fill back up when you turn your engine on or when the sun comes out.

    Leave your life behind - and take the comforts of home with you

    If the weather changes, inspiration strikes, or plans shift – no problem. In our Levity Lifestyle, you have everything (and we mean everything!) you need to feel safe, happy, and secure on the road.

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    DIYing your van? Check out our services then use the button below to request services or ask questions.

    Get an Estimate for Full Conversion

    Interested in a Levity Local or a Levity Legend? Pick your base model and customizations and we’ll send you an estimate.

    Set up a Consult for a Levity Landscape

    All Levity Landscapes start with a consultation. Tell us more about your ideas and we’ll set up a time to talk.

    Ask Us a General Question

    Need more info or aren’t sure about your next step? Use the button below to ask a question and we’ll get back to you.

    Please note: due to high demand, we primarily communicate via email or text to help as many people as possible. Phone calls and shop visits are by appointment only. We look forward to talking with you soon!

    What makes us different

    Above the standard

    Typical RV’s last only a few years before a cabinet handle snaps off or the electrical system stops working. 

    Our vans are built to last decades, using real wood, excellent components, and home-quality construction methods. We look ten steps ahead and avoid costly repairs because we build it right the first time. 

    We build homes not warehouses

    Some vans are built to store your stuff, like warehouses on wheels. 

    We build homes on wheels.

    Small personal touches turn a vehicle into a home. Our designs are warm and beautiful. Because the most important aspect of the van is ultimately you.

    Safety when you need it most 

    Driving, cooking, and sleeping inside a small space demand safe solutions. We offer only the highest quality components and installation methods when it comes to electrical work, ventilation, and durability.  

    We value clear communication

    We make outfitting your van is exciting and easy from start to finish. We value clear and honest communication with our customers as much as we value the technical precision of a build. Our holistic approach means you feel included in what’s going on every step of the way.


    Our Pricing

    The Levity Local

    Sleek and functional while still warm and beautiful, the Local has the essentials you need without the extras you don’t. It’s perfect for: 

    • Minimalists
    • The adventure-minded who use their van for outdoor recreation 
    • Those who want a sleepable travel van on a tighter budget 

    Removable bed system / Solar electric / Full insulation and ventilation / Waterproof floor / L-track to secure gear / + Add features like kitchen galley, outdoor shower, cabin heat, & more

    $45K base price


    + or – features to fit your lifestyle and budget

    The Levity Legend

    This home-on-wheels makes spontaneous adventuring a breeze. Just pack up your stuff and leave your life behind – while taking all the comforts of home with you.

    • Part-time adventurers who value comfort and ease
    • Glampers and festival-goers who want to upgrade from a tent to a tiny home
    • Full-time travelers whose van is their dream home

    Queen bed / Full kitchen / Indoor dining / Outdoor shower / Composting toilet / Cabinets / Solar power / Robust electrical system to power appliances / + Add features like hot water, indoor bathroom, rooftop deck, & more

    $95K base price


    + or – features to fit your lifestyle and budget

    The Levity Landscape

    Bring your unique vision to life with a one-of-a-kind Levity Landscape. We partner with you from start to finish as we synthesize the elements you want into a van that will work. Best suited for:

    • Those who want to do some of the build themselves, but aren’t true DIYers
    • Adventurers who want to incorporate kits
    • Budget-minded van converters who want to do their build in stages

    Often custom / Can be done in installments / Incorporate kits / Unique designs / Do some yourself, outsource the rest to the pros 

    $20K to $80K+

    Due to all the moving parts, every Levity Landscape starts with a paid consult.

    The DIYer

    You’re kicking a** and building your dream van – but need just a little help with the features beyond your skillset. Or you’re stuck trying to figure out how it will all fit together, and it’s been a few months (or years) – and you need help.

    We install one-off features for DIYers and offer hourly consultation to take your project from stress to success.

    Windows / Vent fans/ Electrical work / Solar / Cabin & water heaters / Flares / Seats / Swivels / Project consultation & more

    Priced per project


    Meet Our Team

    Jimmy Grey

    Founder | Designer | Builder

    Jimmy’s love of building and mechanics began decades ago with brake jobs at age 10. He wired his first house at 13 with his dad, then became that high schooler who upgraded everyone’s stereo systems just for fun. Levity Vans was born 4 years ago when he saw his uncle’s empty Transit van and thought: “I could do so many customizations to that thing!” He gains satisfaction by helping people’s travel dreams come true.

    Bez Stone

    Operations | Administration

    Bez and Jimmy’s first road trip in a converted ProMaster got her hooked on vanlife travel. The freedom, opportunity, and comfort of being able to go anywhere, anytime inspired her. Always excited to take a leap of faith, Bez encouraged Jimmy to quit his sales job and do what he loved – building. Together they formed Levity Vans, Inc. A Stanford graduate and mom of two, Bez provides Levity Vans with vision, strategy, and reconciled bank accounts.

    Judah Maxwell

    Lead Technician 

    After graduating from Santa Cruz High in 2020, Judah Maxwell elected to put college on pause due to COVID-19 and instead offer his 5 years of electrical and construction skills to Levity Vans (yup—he learned to use power tools at 13). Smart, focused, and eager to tackle challenges, Judah’s innovative ideas help solve customers’ problems and make the shop a more fun and creative place to work.

    Ben Mitchell


    Ben was born and raised in Hungary and later moved around the world (the Caribbean, U.S., Asia, and Australia) studying and gaining work experience. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2019 and began working in sales and construction. As the newest member of the team, he proactively supports Levity Vans’ growth, mission, and values, and maintains positive connections with coworkers, customers, and clients as a top priority.

    Sprinter, ProMaster, and Transit Van Conversions

    Santa Cruz, CA