Adventure Awaits!

Levity Vans | Santa Cruz, CA

Adventure awaits!

Levity Vans | Santa Cruz, CA


Bessie is our most luxurious van yet! With an electric bed and converting dinette, this beach house on wheels is designed to seat and sleep 4 people, no matter the location!


Sandstorm is an off-roading BEAST! This is the most capable and feature-packed van we’ve ever built. With exterior accessories and recovery gear, to the biggest electrical system we’ve ever built, this overlanding van was built to go off-grid…and stay there!

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is our most beautiful build to date! This premium home on wheels is made completely out of bamboo and results in a striking display of textures. Complete with industry leading components, this van is ready for adventure! 


Greybeard is designed as the perfect van for a Santa Cruz local. It can seat and sleep a family of four, as well as haul all of their toys!  Complete with a folding bench seat and tons of gear storage, this van is the embodiment of a Levity Local!


Meredith is a Levity Legend that packs a punch! With our new style of face-framless cabinetry, this van sports a new design using all bamboo cabinetry. Capable of weeks off-grid, this van is as capable as it is beautiful!


Aquavan is a simple yet capable family hauler.  With a 3 person passenger seat and a massive rear slide out kitchen, this van is perfect for getting everyone to the campsite, and hauling all your gear.


Whitney is the ultimate adventure vehicle, blurring the lines between luxury and capability.  These feature packed van has all the bells and whistles for exended off-grid adventures!


Linseed is a simple, elegant, and functional van that is perfect for stealth camping.  Complete with a fridge and casette toilet, this van is perfect for weekend trips and city camping!


M&M is a designed to seat and sleep four people comfortably in a short wheel base van. Thanks to an electric bedlift and and specially engineered brackets in the dinette, this is the most high tech and spacious van we’ve ever built!




Sunny is an adventure ready 4×4 Sprinter ready to take its family of 4 wherever they dare to go!  Complete with a walkable rooftop deck, outdoor shower, filtered drinking water, and our Levity Vans Cubby Bed, there isn’t much this van can’t do!  



Van O'Black

Van O’Black is designed as a weekend dirt bike hauler that can also provide the luxury of a bed when needed.  Capable of fitting 3 dirt bikes in the garage, Van O’Black also has a reinforced aluminum bulkhead  to keep its owners safe.



Yeti’s owner wanted the perfect blend of form and function for the Tahoe bound van.  A build that is minimal in nature but has the creature comforts of a home on wheels.



Rig Rat

Rig Rat’s owners needed a van that could seat and sleep their family of five on their Alaskan adventures.  Complete with an indoor shower and bunk beds, this is our most complex build to date!



Pretzel’s owners value top quality craftsmanship and those small touches that elevate a van into a luxury home. 




Maverick’s owners wanted a durable build that integrated kits from Flarespace and RB Components with custom elements built by Levity Vans.


Big blue

Big Blue’s owners wanted to sleep their family of three and do their conversion in stages. The kitchen galley and other features will be built in future installments.


Phlo’s owner wanted an adventures post-retirement, with full-time living in mind.



Elegant and gorgeous, Cedar is the perfect place to read a book with a nice bottle of wine and enjoy the view.