Adventure Wagon

The ultimate modular Interior conversion

Built for adventure

This modular build-out can be installed in less that one week!


  • We can install the Adventure Wagon kit in less that a week 
  • We are the only installer in the Bay Area
  • The modular design of the kit enables the van to change and adapt to your uses
  • The L-Track system allows you to easily rearrange and mount hundreds of items in your van
  • Adjustable/removable bed system 
  • Dozens of aftermarket accessories add even more furniture options
  • Extremely durable and easy to clean wall panels

Who is Adventure Wagon?

Adventure Wagon is an Oregon based company that fabricates pre-built kits for Sprinter and Transit vans.  We are one of the only certified installers in the Bay Area, and our team of certified technicians specialize in installing ADWAG kits quickly and efficiently. 

Their buildout features the signature L-Track system, allowing for endless customization options and flexibility in layout. The kit is designed with the active adventurer in mind, featuring easily removable components like their MOAB Bed  that make it a great option for those who need the versatility of both a cargo van and an adventure vehicle. Check out ADWAG here!

If you’re looking to expand your kit even further, we also offer more robust electrical systems and additional furniture options from top companies like Flatline Van Co. 

We partner with ADWAG so that you can customize and purchase your kit directly through us, and experience the ultimate in adventure vehicle flexibility and customization.