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the levity lifestyle

Seat four, sleep four

The whole family 

Sleep and seat four people in any sized van we build out.


  • Share family meals at the large dinette-turned-master bed
  • Electric bed lift provides space-saving bunk beds to sleep four in two double beds
  • Full kitchen with deep sink, over 4 cf of fridge space, induction cooktop, and plenty of pantry space to feed the family
  • Enough solar-charged battery power to run a blender or microwave
  • Ventilated composting toilet gives you true freedom in the city or in the wilderness

The Levity Lifestyle turns your van into a modular adventure vehicle that adjusts to your needs. Have a proper family dinner around the table then play games or art projects after dark. When it’s bedtime, your dining area turns into bunk beds – push a button to watch your bed retract from the ceiling. 

The bed lift is there when you need it and not when you don’t. You still have the availability to sleep sideways to save space for other features and preserve cabin space.

We only have so much time before our kids grow older – take your kids on an adventure adventure and share memories for years to come. 

The Levity lifestyle goes into production Jan 2022

Contact us to get the latest blueprints and technician specs about the Levity Lifestyle, plus photo updates from our early adopters of this next generation family vacation van.