the levity lifestyle

Seat four, sleep four with our electric bedlift!

 levity lifestyle

An adventure Van for the whole family

Seat four, sleep four with our electric bed lift!


  • Share family meals at the large dinette-turned-master bed
  • Electric bed lift provides space-saving bunk beds to sleep four in two double beds
  • Full kitchen with deep sink, over 4 cf of fridge space, induction cooktop, and plenty of pantry space to feed the family
  • Enough solar-charged battery power to run a blender or microwave
  • Ventilated composting toilet gives you true freedom in the city or in the wilderness

The Levity Lifestyle turns your van into a modular adventure vehicle that adjusts to your needs. Have a proper family dinner around the table then play games or art projects after dark. When it’s bedtime, your dining area turns into bunk beds – push a button to watch your bed retract from the ceiling. 

The bed lift is there when you need it and not when you don’t. You still have the availability to sleep sideways to save space for other features and preserve cabin space.

We only have so much time before our kids grow older – take your kids on an adventure adventure and share memories for years to come. 

Live your Levity Lifestyle

The Levity Lifestyle is without a doubt the most spacious van that you will ever step foot in, and that was our intention for its design.  We realized after talking to a lot of people that so many families are drawn to the adventurous lifestyle because they want to cherish the time that they have with their children, friends, and loved ones.  However, driving around a large, extended wheelbase van can be very cumbersome.  So began the journey to design a family van in a short wheel base Sprinter, and we think that we nailed it! 

This is ultra functional and very high tech, including our Levity Lift electric bed lift, special engineered rotating brackets to turn your dinette into a bed,  a Rixens hot water and cabine heating system, and a Redarc total vehicle management system…just to name a few.  

We have no doubt that you will love your Levity Lifestyle, and we look forward to hearing about the incredible adventures you and your loved ones get to experience as you live out your own Levity Lifestyle! 

Levity Lifestyle Base Model

Your ultra functional and spacious family van.  Adventure in comfort with all of the amenities and room for everyone you bring along!   Add or subtract certain items to make the Local fit your lifestyle and budget.

 Continue reading to view the list of features included with the base model, and the available upgrades for your Levity Levity Lifestyle!

Base Model Starting Price – $140,000

  • A singular Maxxair vent fan to provide ventilation and airflow
  • A large sliding window from Van Windows Direct in the door with a sliding screen  
  • VanSpeed Capsules to allow you to sleep sideways in your van and maximize interior space
  • AMP Retractable Powerstep so you easily enter and exit your van
  • A massive singular 400w solar panel to power your electrical system
  • Rear Ladder/ Tire Carrier to make accessing the roof a breeze
  • Your choice of fabric covered and insulated wall panels and ceiling panels
  • Havelock wool insulation 
  • Your choice of vinyl or cork flooring
  • A full kitchen dinette that folds on specially engineered brackets to transform into a bottom bunk
  • The Levity Lift, a bed lift that lifts your master bed up to ceiling when not in use
  • Special hinged backrests that extend your master bed for comfortable sideways sleeping
  • A Bellagio Foldaway seat adds two extra seat belts and folds up to the wall when not in use
  • A floor to ceiling cabinet that houses your fridge, microwave, and composting toilet
  • Custom post mounted table 
Kitchen Galley
  • Double burner induction cooktop 
  • A 15in x 15in stainless steel sink 
  • Custom butcher block countertop
  • Fold up countertop extension
  • Custom butcher block backsplash
  • 4 drawers and one  large door in your galley unit 
  • Bruched nickel pull down faucet 
  • Fresh drinking water faucet
  • 3 stage water filtration 
  • 270aH Battle Born Lithium Ion battery
  • 3000W Inverter
  • Redarc Total Vehicle Management System
  • Shore power and convenient alternator charging for your battery so you always have enough juice
  • 400W solar panel on roof
  • Dimmable led zone lighting on the ceiling of your van and on the bottom of your bedlift
  • Up to 4 120v outlets throughout your van
  • Under cabinet lighting and reading lights in your master bed 
  • 27 gallon fresh water tank 
  • 11 gallons of grey water with an electronic ball valve for easy dumping
  • Outdoor Shower 
  • Rixens hot water and cabin heating system 
  • Numerous water filtration systems

What’s the difference between the Levity Local, Legend, and Landscape? 

The Levity Local and Levity Legend are our two flagship models, custom-designed by our engineers to maximize space while offering top quality. 

Both the Local and Legend contain the same top quality components inside like a lithium battery bank, solar power, wool insulation covered with hand-crafted fabric panels, and trendy custom flooring options. The biggest difference between the two is the more functional Local doesn’t contain cabinetry – it’s more minimalist design is best for adventurers who want to stuff gear in pockets or strap larger items to the L-track on the walls. 

The layout and cabinets of the Levity Legend mimic those in a land-based home and kitchen, and provide maximum storage for living – pantry items, clothes, gear, and other essentials for extended travel. 

The Levity Lanscape is our custom van – different every time based on the owners needs and desires.  

Can I substitute AGM or other deep cycle batteries for the Lithium ones that come standard?  

In our first conversion years ago, we put in two AGM batteries. We carefully monitored our battery levels to ensure they didn’t drain past 50% and were charging optimally. They lasted only six months until they no longer held a usable charge.

The Lithium batteries we install now have a 10-year warranty and can be drained or filled completely with no negative effects. While they are more expensive up front, they pay dividends in longevity and ease of use—plus they are the environmentally-friendly choice. We can’t support replacing and disposing of batteries every year. In the long run, Lithium is six times cheaper than any other battery.

Do I need really need a vent fan and extra vented windows? 

If you plan on ever sleeping in your van, insulation and ventilation are musts both for your personal comfort and safety and also for the life of your van. An uninsulated van is not a comfortable home away from home—it’s a metal box. Think of it as a cold-blooded animal: if it’s hot outside the inside of your van will be baking, and if it’s cold outside… you get the idea. In order to sleep comfortably and safely, vents and panels are a must. Additionally, condensation from nights in an unventilated or poorly insulated van contributes to rust formation, which will eat away at your vehicle and sadly shorten its life.

Why don’t you install indoor showers? 

Based on our personal experience and those of our customers, we don’t think indoor showers are worth the space. When you’re working with 70 square feet, every square foot needs to have maximum use. You don’t know how many travelers have told us they only use their indoor shower for one thing: storage.

That’s why we offer truly functional storage options plus provide an outdoor shower off the back of the van. With the magnetic curtain attached to your open rear doors, you have a private shower in the open-aired glory of nature.

If an indoor shower is essential for your needs, we know there are many other great conversions companies out there who can do that for you.

I can’t afford a full conversion. What should I do? 

Many of our customers need to convert their adventure vans on a budget. Many decide to DIY portions of their van in order to trim costs. Our DIY shop is designed to help those converting their own vans with the features beyond their skillsets, like cutting out windows or installing electrical systems.

The holy trinity of any construction job is: fast – cheap – high quality. You can have two out of three, but never all three at once. A conversion shop like ours provides quality services at a fast pace—but it will cost you money. If you have a reasonable skill level and access to YouTube, you can DIY your dream conversion and save money—but it will cost you time (plus a potential dip in quality, depending on your skill level). Fast and cheap naturally signifies a drop in quality.

Many DIY customers come to us after they’ve been working on their vans for years and realize they need help. Others devote six months to the project and complete it with great success.

The key: get real with yourself in terms of your priorities. Whenever you’re looking to save costs, prepare to either spend a substantial amount of time on your build or sacrifice quality.

Van conversion with rear dinette and electronic bed-lift that is lifted up to the ceiling to allow for space to eat at the dinette.

Levity Lifestyle Upgrades

Upgrade your Levity Lifestyle with these great add-ons!  Some packages and additions require other components to be added to function properly. Cost includes parts, labor and tax.

Contact us for more information on upgrading your Lifestyle!

  • Aluminess Walkable Roof Deck (will require roof tracks and additional mounting hardware for solar panels) -$5,954
  • Roof Tracks -$1,458
  • Fiamma F45S Awning – $1,604
  • Owl Vans Sherpa Cargo System -$2,180
  • -Aluminess Surf Hooks – $1,142
  • Additional Windows – b/w $823.07 and $1,338.83
  • -Rolef magnetic screen doors (best in the business) -$800/screen (usually includes 2)
Wheels and Tires
  • Upgraded Wheels and Tires (MP)
  • Van Compass suspension 
Lifted 4 wheel drive Sprinter van with surf racks parked on a hill